Samuel Edvardsson Wigervall took his Master of Music degree at Royal College of Music, in Stockholm between 2000 and 2004. There he studied for Magnus Andersson, Per Skareng, Mats Bergström and Peter Berlind Carlson. He has dedicated himself to contemporary music and has taken part in a number of first performances. Samuel also has a great interest in working with singers. 



*2000-2004 Master in Music, classical guitar, Royal College of Music, Stockholm, graduation concert May 2004.
*2003-2006 four summer courses, Contemporary music for guitar, Växjö University for Magnus Andersson. 


First performances:

*Jag älskar inte barnen
for chamber ensemble and electronics by David Lennartsson (Sweden).
With Royal College of Music chamber orchestra, Royal College of Music, Stockholm 2003.

*Intrigen for solo guitar
by Katarina Leyman (Sweden).
Västerås concert hall, Sweden, April 2004.

*Jag lyssnar till vinden
for baritone and guitar by Katarina Leyman 
With Rasmus Ringborg. Taborsberg church, Norrköping, Sweden, June 2004.

*Förgät ej mig
for baritone and guitar by Katarina Leyman.
With Rasmus Ringborg. Skerike church, Sweden, July 2006.

*Förstoringar for guitar and narrator
by Katarina Leyman
With the actress Mona Lundgren. Matteus church, Norrköping, Sweden, July 2007.

*One, two, or three
for two guitars and clarinet by Christofer Elgh, (Sweden). 
With Uriel Alatriste and Bodil Mohlund, Marmorhallen, the public library. Norrköping, Sweden, May 2009.

for solo guitar by Magnus Alexanderson (Sweden).
Gallery Kronan, Norrköping, Sweden, Oktober 2011. 

*Through darkened glasses
(from Dreamland by Edgar Allan Poe)
for soprano and guitar by Catharina Palmer (Sweden).
With Laura Pohl. Norrköpings antikvariat, Sweden, October 2012.

*entre les deux – dazwischen
(From Le Crepuscule du Matin från Fleur du Mal 
av Charles Baudelaire och Bol i Sunce av Branko Miljkovic)
for soprano and guitar by Tatjana Prelevic (Montenegro, Germany)
With Laura Pohl. Norrköpings antikvariat, October 2012.

*Fleur du Mal
(Four poems from Fleur du Mal by Charles Baudelaire: • La Cloche fêlée, • À une passante, • L’Âme du vin, • La Mort du pauvres)
for soprano and guitar by Max E. Keller (Switzerland). 
With Laura Pohl. Norrköpings antikvariat, October 2012.

*Fansolsi für Gitarre
by Hans Eugen Frischknecht (Switzerland).
Walcheturm, Zürich, Switzerland, January 2014

*The world of Henri Rousseau
for recorder and guitar by Andrea Tarrodi (Sweden)
With Per Gross. Pallladium, Malmö, Sweden, April 2014.


Music written for Samuel yet to be performed:

*The apparatus for mezzo soprano and two guitars (2015) by Marcelo Carneiro (Brazil).

*Flying around truth (2013) for two guitars by Catharina Palmer.

*Es ist genug for soprano and guitar (2014) by Christian Dieck (Germany)


Worked together with: singer Rasmus Ringborg, guitarists Uriel Alatriste, Magnus Andersson, Mårten Falk and Daniel Johansson, baritone John Kinell, actors Mona Lundgren and Oskar Tunberg, sopranos Laura Pohl and Marie Rosenmir, tenor Michael Axelsson, clarinetist Bodil Mohlund, recorder player Per Gross and KammarensembleN. 

Performed music by composers such as Brian Ferneyhough, Franco Donatoni,Hanz Werner Henze,
Aldo Clementi, Tebogo Monnakgotla and Elliott Carter as well as others. 

Masterclasses for guitarists including but not limited to Nigel North, David Russell,
John Mills, Jukka Savijokki, Franz Halasz, Sven Lundestad and Frank Bungarten. 


Scholarship for higher musical studies from the Royal Swedish Academy of Music 2004. 

Has played at festivals for contempory music; 2004 at ”Ung nordisk musik”, together with KammarensembleN, Stockholm and at ”Nordiska musikdagar” in August 2007, both as soloist and together with guitarist Mårten Falk

Performed four concerts at Winterserenade in Rostock, Germany together with Uriel Alatriste in 2007. 

During 2012-2017 tours in Sweden and Switzerland and a number of concerts in Germany with the program Baudelaire Prisma.

A vast concert activity together with singer Rasmus Ringborg with about 400 performances
all over Sweden since 2001, in over 300 churches and other venues. 

Arranged about 30 Schumann songs for baritone and two guitars and has since 2009 given a number of concerts at chamber music associations and churches in Sweden. Together with guitarist Daniel Johansson, baritone John Kinell and actor Oskar Thunberg. 

Part of the ensemble LST together with soprano Laura Pohl and video artist Tosh Leykum, both Germany. They perform the program Baudelaire Prisma in which a number of European composers have set music to texts by Charles Baudelaire.

During spring 2018 playing in the festival "Svensk musikvår" in Stockholm together with flutist Annica de Val
and as a soloist in the festival Norrköpingsljud.

Initiating during 2018 a program with music set to texts by Franz Kafka together with world renowned guitarist Magnus Andersson.


Participated 2011 in the founding of ”RÖST”, a collaboration between musicians in contemporary music and composers in the region of Östergötland, Sweden. 

Member of the board of ”Annan musik”,
a concert arranging association in the field of contemporary and experimental music in Norrköping, Sweden. 

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